Sensing Feeling
Stand No: 327

We all want to know what our customers think of the experiences we provide them, but traditional forms of polling and surveying can be costly, suffer from selection issues, and too far ‘after-the-event’, with customers increasingly suffering from ‘survey fatigue’. What if your customer’s experience could be measured completely passively, and in real-time, with instantly accessible results? ‘Sensing Feeling‘ is an advanced IoT sensor technology that utilises computer vision and deep-learning/AI to passively determine customers’ emotional response to the environment provided to them by your business, helping you understand how engaged and delighted they are with the products and services provided to them. Sensing Feeling is an advanced human emotion sensor for business . The product is a game-changer in the field of Customer Experience, and has potentially disruptive applications within health, education, in-store retail, corporate workspaces, and travel & leisure sectors.

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