Stand No: 221

Streambased is pioneering a novel approach to data analytics with a strong focus on event streaming. We believe that in modern data architecture, the data flowing through event streaming platforms represents the most up-to-date, valuable, and well-maintained data for analytics.

Our mission is to empower data scientists, AI/ML engineers, and analysts to effectively harness event streaming data to overcome challenges and excel in a data-centric world.

Streambased is dedicated to ensuring that users can leverage their existing tools and languages, such as SQL and notebooks, without the need to adapt to new methodologies. This approach eliminates the complexities associated with slow, inconsistent, and complex ETL/ELT pipelines often found in traditional data engineering.

Streambased value proposition is centered around transforming complex data into clear and actionable insights. By focusing on operational data with a well-defined purpose and structure, Streambased ensures that data sets are always up-to-date, clean, reliable, and cost-efficient.

We achieve this with bespoke acceleration technology, allowing users to access data sets
at interactive speeds for on-demand insights and ad hoc exploration. Analysts can interactively query transaction data directly within the event streaming platform, ensuring access to the latest structured data without the need for additional ETL processes.