Adrian’s varied technical career, ranges from Formula 1 to Quantum Cryptography, providing a good insight into his flexibility and willingness to fit in anywhere and attack problems however impossible they initially seem!


Starting at the Defence Research Agency where, as well as working on multi-spectral missile seeker data fusion algorithms, he joined their world leading Quantum Cryptography/Computation team – a completely new field at then time, which is only now starting to find wide public awareness.


He later worked on target evaluation algorithms for the Type 45 missile air defence system and gathering navigation behaviour of the Storm Shadow cruise missile; and co-invented an “order(n)” search algorithm for the vast combinatorial spaces in chip design and multi-threading ancient electro-magnetic solvers, which were stepping stones to Formula 1 and Indy 500 simulation.


Adrian later went on to not only improve the F1 and Indy 500 tyre models, integrating these into the hexapod simulator at Wirth Research, but he also used machine learning algorithms to optimally search and interpolate the huge possibility space for aerodynamic data which is so expensive to obtain from wind-tunnels.


Now at StreetDrone, Adrian is busy integrating Autoware with StreetDrone to showcase our drive-by-wire system.

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