With a background in corporate training and events, Alex has spent 25 years delivering business change programmes and developing high-performance cultures in commercial and not-for-profit organisations, including leadership roles in three influential trade associations, two high-growth scale-ups and a FTSE100 manufacturing firm. He joined the founding team at the Data Strategy Alliance (DSA) in May 2023.

The DSA is a new not-for-profit industry initiative, helping business leaders understand and deliver value from data. Through training, events and consulting, DSA helps organisations to improve their data communications and develop the cultural competency they need to avoid transformation failure and unlock value from AI, machine learning and data science.

Alex has written several research papers and business books. His next book is called Data Culture: Unlocking Value from Artificial Intelligence (due out April 2024). He regularly contributes to media publications, events and podcasts and works with a start-up incubator as
mentor and Expert in Residence on ethical AI.

Proudly sector-agnostic, Alex has worked all over the world, in the finance, regulation, manufacturing, technology, education, publishing, health, aviation, consumer goods, corporate governance and legal sectors. Passionate about building communities around emerging technology, he has also served on the boards of two membership charities and organisations, advising on digital transformation.