Danilo’s earlier career carries world leading corporate names such as Motorola, JPMorgan Chase, BNP Paribas, Royal Bank of Canada, Citi Group and UnitedHealth Group. In Financial Services Danilo built his reputation during the Financial Crisis of 2008 by becoming one of Royal Bank of Canada’s youngest Associate Directors after consistently delivering record breaking Transformation and Change that had global positive ramifications. At Citi Group Danilo was responsible for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Markets Division) where he again broke records in delivering the first Ai robotics program. The world’s top advisory firms praised the program as “a fresh perspective on RPA that is scalable and efficient, months if not years ahead of other competitors in the Financial services industry”.

Danilo has most recently joined UnitedHealth Group (the world’s largest healthcare provider, #5 rank in Fortune 500) where he is helping Direct a prominent Automation program that is impacting Healthcare globally. For a number of years Danilo was also a senior consultant to governments in the topics of Innovation, Transformation and Artificial Intelligence. Danilo has a BSc Hons from the University of Bath in Business Management – UK and is an active member in the Artificial Intelligence and Innovation community on both a technical and executive level. Danilo has managed and delivered Automation (RPA/Ai) in various industries (Telecommunications, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Private and Public industries as well as Healthcare), which makes unique insight and experience into this new and exciting space .