Group Head of Data and AI Ethics at Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) within their Chief Data and Analytics Office. Responsible for all processes and technologies which combine to ensure we generate trustworthy and responsible outcomes for our customers.  

Leading and mobilising LBG’s Generative AI strategy, to help deploy AI at scale, under ethical guard-rails across the bank. Working with a cross-functional team charged with building technology infrastructure, platform enablement and commercialisation across the bank.  

Previously involved in cutting-edge research to create technologies which ensure AI systems generate fair and unbiased predictions. I have helped to shape AI policies, principles, and regulations through participation in international forums.

Extensive experience in building service-based and event-driven, high-performance, global financial calculation systems incorporating Big Data. I have managed all aspects of IT Program execution involving globally distributed IT teams. Experienced in advising C-suite executives and banking regulators.

PhD in Artificial Intelligence, MSc and BSc in Computer science. Research experience and University lecturer in Computer science, Natural Language processing, Object Oriented, Functional and Logic programming.