I am a researcher and technical leader in the AI space, with four years of industry experience. I have worked across many sub-disciplines of AI and I specialize in designing NLP and network-based models. Prior to my career in AI, my field of study was physics and I have a first-class master’s degree specialising in computational astrophysics.

Over my time as a senior scientist at Cognism, I have played a role in the growth of the company from 30 staff to 350+ globally. Delivering on many valuable projects for the company, the algorithms I have built with the team have provided stand-alone tools, platform ML functionalities, and intelligence-based improvements to underlying data engineering pipelines. I have taken on leadership roles on cross-department strategic initiatives and have contributed multiple patents for the company.

As the Head of AI infrastructure at the AI for Good Foundation, I lead international collaborations applying ML initiatives to society’s biggest problems. I am a firm believer in the power of technology as a driver for accelerating positive societal change, and as a means for improving human life globally. Most recently, I have spearheaded the “Climate Trendscanner” initiative, a UN backed ML project to deliver live media analysis around climate trends and innovations, using NLP-based methods.