Felicia Omoediale-Samuel is an experienced certified cybersecurity professional (ISACA/BCS/NCSC). She is an advocate for assisting organisations in overcoming the hurdles of securing their information technology assets and infrastructure. Felicia is a highly effective motivator, coach, and mentor with a proven track record of designing, leading, and delivering high-profile programmes and initiatives.

Felicia is currently a Cybersecurity Risk Manager at Sky Group Ltd and a Non-Executive Director with Sycom Solution’s industry-based AI research lab. She is also an industry representative and member of the Computer Science Departmental Advisory Board at the University of Essex. She holds a BSc Hons in mathematics, a certificate in Lean Six Sigma from Strathclyde University and an MSc in Software and System Security from the University of Oxford. She also has various industry-based certifications.

Her area of expertise includes Secure Artificial Intelligence Systems, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Controls Frameworks, Security Principles and Security by Design. She is passionate about research and considers herself an industry-based “Cybersecurity Researcher.” Her interest includes Integrating Security into AI Development Lifecycle, AI Systems Threat Landscape, Secure Data Handling in AI Models, AI Cybersecurity Risk Management and Control Frameworks and Securing National Critical Infrastructure (Election Infrastructure and Democracy Ecosystems). Felicia supports the campaign for promoting women in technology and neurodiversity in the cybersecurity workforce. She believes that embracing diverse neurological profiles enhances innovation and strengthens the collective ability to address ever-evolving cyber threats.