Heather Dawe is a Data and AI Leader with 25 years experience working across industry, innovating with data and the ways in which it can be used to improve outcomes, quality and efficiency. A recognised AI Thought Leader, Heather has appeared on the BBC, Sky News and in numerous national news publications. With her UST colleague Dr. Adnan Masood, she is co-author of the 2023 book ‘Responsible AI in the Enterprise’, a guide to how to succeed with AI in business safely, fairly and ethically.Heather has worked at a senior level as a Statistician and Data Scientist within government, the wider public sector and industry. With expertise in the health, retail, telecommunications, insurance and finance domains, she loves to problem solve and innovate with real world challenges, and is as comfortable doing this within large Enterprises and academia as she is within start-ups and incubators.An effective team builder, Heather pioneered the development of multi-disciplinary data science teams within the UK public sector. With a love for her own learning Heather is also passionate about helping others to develop their skills and expertise. She is an advocate for democratising AI as well as achieving greater diversity in those who develop it.