Matthew started his career at UBS Investment Bank in 2010 post his academic studies where he specialised in Mathematics, Statistics and Economics. From 2010 to 2013, Matthews’ early career led him to his passion for influencing organisational change using data. During his time at UBS; Matthew spent time as a trading assistant, client onboarding associate and a data change analyst responsible for designing & implementing data architectures against new regulations.


Wanting to be a part of building a Chief Data Office (CDO) from the ground up; Matthew left UBS to join HSBC in 2013 as the 2nd official hire of the HSBC Americas CDO. From 2013-2015, Matthew spent his years in Mexico City and Sao Paulo charged with building new Data Management & Analytics programs.

From his latest work in Sao Paulo; Matthew had a hypothesis of using distributed networks + machine learning to solve a long standing problem of Data Organisation. In 2017, this HSBC incubated initiative was fully operationalised in the US, serving the Americas region and embedded into day to day operations. This initiative transformed overnight, how data was catalogued, organised and enriched – leading to new business insight and efficient data management.

Due to the successes in the US; Matthew was then asked to lead the roll out of this program globally, under HSBC’s Global Banking & Markets Division, therefore making him Global Head of Data Engineering and senior lead of the Big Data organisation.

Since Jan 2017, Matthew has assembled a global team of over twenty experts and organised greater than 200 disparate applications, across all product lines, into re-usable data assets with growing business and scientific demands.

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