Robert’s take on things: ‘The magic happens when teams work towards a common goal, care about their results, rustle a few feathers and have a few laughs along the way!’

With a background in the Health & Leisure, Automotive, Commercial Music, Performing Arts, Consulting and Telco industries, Robert has established himself as a versatile data leader.

At David Lloyd Leisure, Robert continuously seeks and implements innovative strategies to optimise and modernise the data landscape, leading to enhanced customer experiences and digital journeys. His approach to data architecture involves understanding industry trends, leveraging thorough analysis, fostering collaboration, challenging the status quo and incorporating methodologies such as TOGAF, SMART, Agile, Waterfall, traditional ETL vs ELT, Data Mesh and prioritisation techniques.

By leading an investigation into supply chain and financial data in the Telco industry, his talent for crafting bespoke and unique data models emerged. His models uncovered the true health of data flows and secured buy-in from key stakeholders, leading to revamped compliance reports and the unearthing of untapped profits.

Robert also leans on his diverse background as an accomplished presenter, interviewer, expertise in stakeholder management, experience as a legal practitioner, proven track record in fundraising and career as an international music touring artist for 15 years.