In Spring 2022, Rodger Werkhoven joined a select group at OpenAI, contributing significantly to the beta launch of DALL•E 2 and laying the groundwork for ChatGPT’s successful release in September 2022. His collaboration involved addressing biases, improving usability, and championing AI’s creative potential. Werkhoven continues to test OpenAI’s GenAI innovations and serves as the part-time Executive Creative Director at iO Digital, a communication and digital transformation agency with a global presence.

Beyond OpenAI, Werkhoven has been instrumental in innovating with companies like D-ID, contributing to the world’s first AI-generated video experiments. With over 30 years of experience in the creative industry, he co-founded CollaborAitors, an art initiative operating at the intersection of art, technology, and science. In 2022, CollaborAitors produced the groundbreaking AI-short film ‘Let’s Be Friends,’ which earned acclaim at the Oberhausen International Film Festival in 2023.

Based in Amsterdam, Werkhoven has been a driving force behind numerous creative endeavours, including serving as Creative Partner in a boutique agency, winning awards at prestigious festivals, and advising the creative industry on responsible AI implementation. His passion for generative art and experimentation remains evident in ongoing projects showcased globally, such as Art Basel Miami and TEDx Amsterdam.