Dr. Wei Cui is the Chief Scientist at Squirrel AI Learning, the leading AI+ education innovator at the forefront of K12 AI revolution. Dr. Cui led the development of the first intelligent adaptive learning system-Squirrel AI in China which has been proved to be more efficient at teaching than human-teacher with 20-years teaching experience during a series of human-vs-AI competitions hosted by Squirrel AI Learning.

Dr. Cui is an expert in artificial intelligence, AI-based adaptive learning and big data analytics. Dr. Wei Cui held a Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence and was a Postdoctoral fellow. His PhD advisors were Prof. Michael O’Neill and Prof. Anthony Brabazon, who are the top experts in artificial intelligence and evolutionary computing. In less than 5 years, Wei has published 16 peer-reviewed academic papers including one Soft Computing journal article, one Quantitative Finance journal article, and one IEEE-CiFEr Best Conference Paper. He also received MIT Technology Review “35 Innovators Under 35 China” award in 2018.

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