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Artificial Intelligence is on the verge of transforming man-controlled spacecraft into cognitive machines that will soon drastically change the way we used to do space exploration. For decades, the European Space Agency has been actively researching and making use of Artificial Intelligence to allow us to go further and provide our spacecraft and robots with the capacity to adapt under unpredictable environments.

In this talk we will discuss the impact of some of the key Artificial Intelligence-based technologies used by the European Space Agency in Space Communications and will give an overview of the use of AI in Space Mission Operations, Earth Observation, Space Exploration and Space Science.

Associated Speakers:

Tomas Navarro

Future Projects Engineer

ESA (European Space Agency)

Associated Talks:

10:25AM - Day 2

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02:00PM - Day 2

View Panel: Data led Intelligent Decision Making

01:00PM - Day 1

View A Cognitive Future for Space Exploration

12:00PM - Day 2

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