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Artificial Intelligence is a specific area of computer science that aims to create machines that not only work and think, but also to act and react, as human beings would.
AI has been with us for over six and a half Decades, undergoing many revolutions and revivals. But only now, thanks to the advancement of core elements of AI and the ongoing development of Neural Nets, do we see AI emerging to make an impact on Business, Organizations, Industries and indeed societies in everyday life.

In this talk, we explore AI as framed around modern analytics architecture and its application to complex problem solving and creativity – The ability to enable us to do things with good Mathematics and good Tech that we simply were not able to do up until recent times. We all know that AI has been with us for decades, but it’s the emergence of 3 key pillars that has utterly changed how we adopt and integrate AI into a relationship that is developing between Humans and Machines– Better algorithms, better compute technology and a better relationship with Data and Data sets.

In this talk we will review what I think are the major milestones of AI and survey what I think are the most important things we have learned about AI in the last fifty years and make some suggestions based on industry experience about what might lie ahead for the progression of Humans and Machines for the future.

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Marc O’Regan


Dell Technologies

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02:00PM - Day 2

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