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Companies recognise that there is an enormous value in the data they create and they are making plans to capitalise on it as quickly as possible.

Manufacturing is leading the way, both as one of the largest producers of data from factory systems, machines and sensors, and as one of the leading adopters of the new technologies that make up big data and artificial intelligence.

However, the rapid evolution of big data technologies, coupled with an incredible level of complexity of industrial automation and robotic systems, has led to “analysis paralysis” at some manufacturers. Questions of where to start and how to apply these technologies along with the uncertainty at the potential scale of deployments, are preventing some companies from moving forward, especially with specific use cases seemingly so unique at this point in time.

In this presentation, Smartia will discuss 7 steps for setting up a successful industrial data and AI framework.

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Mauro Arruda


Smartia Ltd

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12:20PM - Day 2

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