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From fast food chains trying to avoid a chicken nugget shortage, to the NHS trying to stay one step ahead of a pandemic, good demand forecasting is what keeps the world running smoothly. AI can be a powerful tool for anticipating demand, but it needs to be deployed in such a way that it is actionable and impactful. It’s no mean feat to extract demand insights that are accurate, detailed enough to be actionable, and easy for users to understand. The session will explain how to build demand forecasting systems that organisations can actually use and trust to make better operational decisions covering:

    • Examples of where demand forecasting can be used in everyday business settings to drive value
    • The common challenges and pitfalls encountered when implementing demand forecasting
    • Practical guidance on how to deploy demand forecasting successfully with recent case study examples of this in action

Associated Speakers:

Oana Bradulet

Director of Product


Associated Talks:

11:30AM - Day 1

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