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  • Executives can often be tempted to divert time and money into flashy transformation projects that promise and fail to capture lightning in a bottle. The AI revolution is no different. This is when a high-performing executive team needs to take a strategic lead and consider the realistic opportunities for a well-considered AI strategy to impact their organisation’s brand, top-line or bottom-line performance. Join this talk to gain practical insights and hear real-world examples of how to integrate AI safely and effectively into business processes through: 
    1. Horizon scanning – how to do it well while diverting attention to what matters 
    2. Business readiness – how to prepare your organisation for AI transformation ensuring that your infrastructure, teams and processes align with your strategic objectives 
    3. Cutting through the bullshit – how to procure knowledgeable advisors and suppliers who can provide genuine insights and solutions, steering you away from the pitfalls of superficial expertise

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Tom Grogan



Associated Talks:

12:25PM - Day 1

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