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The role of the data team is changing. Instead of focusing purely on data infrastructure; data leaders are now responsible for the core strategy across their organization and are expected to deliver increasing value from data. After a decade of working with organizations from across the globe, we’ve developed best-in-class practices to increase your data sophistication and drive more value from your data. Join us to discover:– What does good data for AI look like? AI powered by the right data is highly effective but what tools can you use to confidently collect the best quality data from your platforms?– How creating your own first-party, proprietary behavioral data on how your customers use your digital products and services drives significant competitive advantage– Aspirational case studies from your peers, including the common pitfalls we’ve seen across the industry, and our most exciting success stories.

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Lucas Stone

Senior Solutions Consultant


Associated Talks:

10:55AM - Day 2

View Presentation: Behavioral Data Creation for AI – Delivering Value and Insights

02:00PM - Day 2

View Panel: Data led Intelligent Decision Making

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