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Digital Transformation has profoundly impacted sectors from healthcare to retail, making services more efficient and accessible. However, the progress has created a bottleneck in the area of Business Intelligence (BI). Despite increasingly large data warehouses and sophisticated visualization tools, there’s a disconnect between the data a business produces and an employee’s ability to derive actionable insights from it. This talk will discuss the limitations of current BI technology and explore how Generative AI, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs), can revolutionize this space. LLMs can automatically structure unstructured data, enabling businesses to engage directly with their data systems and respond more agilely to changes in business strategy 

The main theme is that BI has stagnated while digital transformation has sped up the other areas.  BI is a hindrance to unlocking the value of digital transformation projects.  LLMs can change that. 

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Bob Briski



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