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AI is set to play a major role in spacecraft and robotic automation. Advances in machine learning have hugely evolved in recent years, but the computer processors these programs run on haven’t followed that trend. Neuromorphic processors unlike today’s computers based on von Neumann architecture, are microprocessors set in a brain-like configuration that have proven to hold the key to meet the demands of the AI of the future. Inspired by the principles of biological neural computation, neuromorphic computing uses new algorithmic approaches that emulate how the human brain interacts enabling a level of computational efficiency orders of magnitude superior than that of state-of-the-art silicon-based chips.

In this session, we will present some of the work the European Space Agency has been doing on exploring the use of Neuromorphic Processors and sensors, for applications like Planetary Landing and Robotic Exploration, Earth Observation and Telecommunications.

Associated Speakers:

Tomas Navarro

Future Projects Engineer

ESA (European Space Agency)

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10:25AM - Day 2

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02:00PM - Day 2

View Panel: Data led Intelligent Decision Making

01:00PM - Day 1

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12:00PM - Day 2

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