Day 1 - 1 December 2022



AI Strategies: Chairpersons Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks.  



Presentation: The Augmented Workforce

Fearing that disruptive technologies would replace workers; it is now clear that these innovations are there to aid employees’ skills and capabilities – realising them from automated tasks and giving them the time to work on new projects. Here we will look at the role of AI and ML in helping to build a digitally enabled and efficient workforce.  



Keynote Presentation: A Competitive Advantage with AI and ML

  • Using AI and ML to gain real-time intelligence, in turn creating a strong competitive advantage.  
  • Creating a holistic technology approach to your digital transformation strategy.  
  • What new services are expected to appear in this space? 



Presentation: Empowering the AI-enabled Team

  • Looking at how to truly embed AI into internal processes to enhance the teams’ capabilities, not disrupt the workflow.  
  • Giving employees the training and tools they need to be developers, not just users.  
  • Fitting technology to the solution, not the other way around. 


Networking Break



Panel: AI Driven Digital Transformation

  • Building a comprehensive business strategy, how to embed AI into this from the outset. 
  • Enabling decisions based on real-time intelligence. 
  • Utilising ML solutions to aid processes and consumer experiences. 



Presentation: AI Against Hackers

  • Protecting data from cyber hacks through AI-based security solutions. 
  • The potential to scan malware in real-time. 
  • The ability to react autonomously to everchanging threats.  



Presentation: AI Cyber Security Use-case

A look at how AI is being used within the fraud prevention and identity theft spaces.  



Presentation: Finding Cyber Threats through AI Algorithms

  • How AI/ML algorithms can be utilised to find network traffic and unusual patterns in a growing complex digital world. 
  • The current barriers hindering the capabilities of AI and ML use in cyber security.  


Lunch & Networking Break



Presentation: NLP Enabling Enhanced Services

Looking at NLP (Natural Language Processing) progressions like OpenAI for enhanced user experiences and automated responses.  



Panel: Evolving the Enterprise with Language Modelling

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) progressions like OpenAI for enhanced user experiences and automated responses.  
  • How these advancements are enhancing workforce and service capabilities, as well as increased data literacy.  
  • What are the challenges that need to be considered here?  
  • Accelerating processes with deep learning and neural networks – looking at the expansion of deep learning at scale across complex tasks.  



Presentation: Deep Learning

A deep-dive into the current deep learning use-cases. Where do we go next with the capabilities deep learning provides?  



Presentation: AI Innovation

10-minute innovation slot  



Presentation: Collaborative Solutions through Converging Technologies

  • Creating a holistic strategy that includes AI, BI, ML and IoT processes and capabilities.  
  • A shit towards simplifying the vendor landscape to limit the overlap here – is the next step converging data warehouses and data lakes? 
  • Building partnerships across solutions and sectors as the key to an optimised eco-system.  



End of Day

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Transformational AI 

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