Day 2 - 26 April 2019

AI Technology Solutions

This track covers the full spectrum of AI technologies, how they are being developed and the real life scenarios where they are being utilised.  Expect to hear about chatbots, visual recognition technologies, robotics and machine learning.


Developing AI Technologies: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Comments

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Keynote: The AI and ML landscape

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Panel: Realities of Bot & VA Development and Implementation

• Deep Learning, natural language processing and voice recognition implementation
• The key elements to building a multi platform bot
• The challenge of discovery and on-boarding
• Implementing successful engagement strategies

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Developing a conversational chatbot / VA

• The pros and cons of conversation for UX
• Conversational skills & character creation to educate your bot
• Understanding natural language processing
• How do we inject personality into your bot / VA
• Can machines become creative

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Networking Break


The new disruptor – combining artificial intelligence with AR and VR

• What is the potential of using AI for AR and VR?

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Chihuahua or Muffin? Object recognition

• Challenges of developing object recognition systems
• Training models using large image data sets
• Training deep neural networks
• Testing with real-life images

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Networking Lunch


Designing ethical AI systems without bias

• How can we design ML techniques and algorithms without bias and discrimination?
• Who is accountable? The tech community, Governments?
• How do humans stay in control and stop the machines from taking over?

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Case study: AI for Good: Bridging Science and Industry for a Better Future

• Why is Artificial Intelligence an ideal framework for tackling massive societal challenges?
• What kinds of problems can we address?
• What is missing? How does AI fit in?
• Examples of successful technical partnerships.
• How do I get my company involved?

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Panel: AI for social good

• How is AI being successfully applied to challenge social problems?
• What are the potential uses of AI to solve social and ethical problems?
• AI’s impact across Health, Environmental Sustainability and Public Welfare

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Networking Break


Panel: Funding your AI innovation

Our panel of AI investors and venture capitalists discuss what they look for before investing in a fledgling AI Company. A must attend for all start-ups and Entrepreneurs

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The new disruptors in AI: Technology showcase

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