Day 1 - 17 March 2020


Applied AI & Big Data: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

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Keynote: The daily business of AI

  • Reviewing your AI output
  • The role of analytics in AI
  • How to achieve responsible and ethical AI
  • Transforming business processes at scale
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Panel: AI for Social good

  • How is AI being successfully applied to challenge social problems?
  • What are the potential uses of AI to solve social and ethical problems?
  • AI’s impact across Health, Environmental Sustainability and Public Welfare
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Networking Break


AI & Big Data transforming Healthcare

  • How is AI changing the way that healthcare is delivered?
  • Machine learning and big data – how to leverage new data sets to deliver personalised medicine
  • Innovative ways machine learning and deep learning are being used to develop new drugs
  • Challenges for the future
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AI, Data and the Connected Car

  • Using data to predict part failure or servicing requirements
  • Monitoring vehicle performance
  • Improving driver and passenger convenience
  • Moving towards driverless cars
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Impact of AI in the Energy Sector

  • What are the challenges of delivering energy in the 21st century and how can modern technology help?
  • Improving performance, resources and safety with the help of AI
  • Applying advanced analytics and machine learning for better operations and business optimisation
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Networking Break


Transforming the retail experience with AI & Big Data

  • Using big data, machine learning, AI and the IoT to ensure a seamless experience between the online customer experience and the in-store experience
  • Applying big data and AI to combat counterfeit products and improve sales and customer relationships
  • Understanding customers with facial recognition technology in store
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AI and Social Media

  • Drawing value from unstructured data sets with deep learning technologies and neural networks
  • Fighting cyberbullying and offensive comments with Big Data and AI
  • Enhancing user experience and learning user preferences
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Panel: Examining AI uses in Banking & Financial Services

  • Explore current AI applications within the financial & banking sectors
  • Automated financial advisors and planning developments, and data driven lending systems
  • The future value of machine learning within the finance & banking sectors enabling fraud reduction
  • Bots and conversational banking
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