Day 1 - 17 March 2020


Simon Hepworth

Director of Enterprise

Imperial College London

Associated Talks:

09:40PM - Day 1

View Applied AI & Big Data: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

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Applied AI & Big Data: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

. Simon Hepworth, Director of Enterprise, Imperial College London


Keynote: The daily business of AI

  • Reviewing your AI output
  • The role of analytics in AI
  • How to achieve responsible and ethical AI
  • Transforming business processes at scale


Panel: AI for Social good

  • How is AI being successfully applied to challenge social problems?
  • What are the potential uses of AI to solve social and ethical problems?
  • AI’s impact across Health, Environmental Sustainability and Public Welfare


Networking Break


Konrad Dobschuetz

Commercial Director


Associated Talks:

11:40AM - Day 1

View AI & Big Data transforming Healthcare

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AI & Big Data transforming Healthcare

  • How is AI changing the way that healthcare is delivered?
  • Machine learning and big data – how to leverage new data sets to deliver personalised medicine
  • Innovative ways machine learning and deep learning are being used to develop new drugs
  • Challenges for the future
. Konrad Dobschuetz, Commercial Director , Pfizer


Muhannad Alomari

AI Hub Lead


Associated Talks:

12:10PM - Day 1

View AI for Good. How we used AI to help MND patients

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AI for Good. How we used AI to help MND patients

The talk will present a project for the Motor Neuron Disease Association. The Rolls Royce London AI Hub (part of R2 Data Labs) is leading the work in developing an intelligent conversation system, that will enable MND patients to communicate effortlessly and in a spontaneous manner.  The project has been undertaken by a large consortium of tech & engineering companies (Rolls Royce, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Accenture, Dell, Computacenter, etc). The aim of the project is to use Artificial Intelligence to help MND patients tackle some of the symptoms they have to live with.

. Muhannad Alomari, AI Hub Lead, Rolls-Royce


Impact of AI in the Energy Sector

  • What are the challenges of delivering energy in the 21st century and how can modern technology help?
  • Improving performance, resources and safety with the help of AI
  • Applying advanced analytics and machine learning for better operations and business optimisation


Networking Break


Transforming the retail experience with AI & Big Data

  • Using big data, machine learning, AI and the IoT to ensure a seamless experience between the online customer experience and the in-store experience
  • Applying big data and AI to combat counterfeit products and improve sales and customer relationships
  • Understanding customers with facial recognition technology in store


Andrew Lea

Visiting Research Fellow

Brighton University

Associated Talks:

03:10PM - Day 1

View Artificial Intelligence, theory and practice – 6 mini case studies

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Artificial Intelligence, theory and practice – 6 mini case studies

  • Graph theory and fraud detection
  • Image processing, Fourier transform and removing atmospheric blur in astronomy
  • Inferencing (computer reasoning) and sports coaching
  • AI and Mars landers
  • Embedded computing and prosthetic senses
  • Artificial sentience and simulating people
. Andrew Lea, Visiting Research Fellow, Brighton University


Panel: Examining AI uses in Banking & Financial Services

  • Explore current AI applications within the financial & banking sectors
  • Automated financial advisors and planning developments, and data driven lending systems
  • The future value of machine learning within the finance & banking sectors enabling fraud reduction
  • Bots and conversational banking


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