Day 1 - 18 April 2018

AI for Developers

With AI being heralded as the fourth industrial revolution, it is often developers leading the charge within organisations.  This session will explore the evolving technology and infrastructures and the challenges of implementing ML and DL techniques. We’ll also take a look at some of the hottest tech breakthroughs as well as what investors are looking for before they invest – a must for all ai entrepreneurs.


AI for Developers: Chair’s Welcome

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Keynote: The AI and Machine Learning Revolution

  • How to put ML models into production
  • Current options and challenges of ML hardware
  • Challenges faced by Enterprises using new deep learning and ML technologies
  • What are the next wave of ML innovations?
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Abed Ajraou.



Associated Talks:

04:50PM - Day 1

View How to avoid mistakes and frustrations in AI

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How to avoid mistakes and frustrations in AI

The purpose if this talk if to give a clear take away on how we could avoid mistakes in AI:

  • The right mind-set in AI
  • The right methodology
  • The right technology
  • The right team


. Abed Ajraou., Co-Founder, AIEVE
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Networking Break


Understanding the Market for Machine Learning Applications

  • Understanding the different ways machine learning algorithms are being used in apps
  • How does machine learning connect to robotics
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Case Study: AI Innovations for Tomorrow’s Mobility

How can artificial intelligence make an impact on the way we move around in the future?  This case study will discuss how automotive OEMs are developing AI technology for autnomous driving, enchancing the in-vehicle experience and predictive maintenence.

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AI Tools & Techniques

We showcase the latest tools & techniques enabling the world of AI & ML

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Networking Lunch


Keynote Panel: Driving Digital Transformation through AI & DL development

  • What are the fundamental buildings blocks needed for build a digital organisation using AI, ML & DL in terms of people, skills and tech?
  • Discussing the role of other companies within the process, from start ups to big ticket providers.
  • Examining digital transformation from both industrial (digital twins etc) and business information (supply chain analysis) perspectives.
  • Real life examples of successful transformations from across Enterprise.
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Deep Machine Learning in the Embedded Space

  • The challenges of targeting embedded and mobile software
  • A look at the hardware solutions available
  • New developments in Advanced Neural Networks for smartphones, drones and cars
  • What opportunities do these developments bring?
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Networking Break


The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

According to the World Economic Forum, there are nine key ethical issues to be considered when developing and implementing AI products; unemployment, inequality, humanity, artificial stupidity, racism, ‘evil genies’, the singularity and robot ethics.  This talk will discuss each of these and how humans will have to consider each in the future.

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Investor Panel: Financing your AI Innovation

Our panel of AI investors and venture capitalists discuss what they look for before investing in a fledgling AI company.  A must attend for all AI start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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Start up Showcase- Using AI & Machine Learning in the Real World

A selection of rapid fire presentations from the hottest new AI start ups, showcasing the latest advances in this fast moving field.

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