Day 2 - 19 April 2018

Bot & Virtual Assistant Development

With biased bots hitting the headlines and the best bots being those where customers don’t even realise that they are not dealing with a human, it is more important than ever that developers stay ahead of the game when it comes to software to create their chatbots. This session will look at the realities of building the ultimate chatbot and look at the next generation of bot communication.


Bot & Virtual Assistant Development: Chair’s Welcome

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Panel: Realities of Bot & VA Development and Implementation

  • Deep Learning, natural language processing and voice recognition implementation
  • The key elements to building a multi platform bot
  • The challenge of discovery and on-boarding
  • Implementing successful engagement strategies
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Developing a conversational chatbot / VA

  • The pros and cons of conversation for UX
  • Conversational skills & character creation to educate your bot
  • Understanding natural language processing
  • How do we inject personality into your bot / VA
  • Can machines become creative


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Networking Break


Build a better bot with Analytics & Big Data

  • Explore the importance of analytics in chat bots and conversational interfaces; how they differ from traditional web and mobile analytics
  • How to use analytics to increase engagement, acquisition and monetization
  • Insights and learnings from the data
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Case Study: The Next Generation Voice User Experiences

  • How to interact with devices in a more intuitive way using voice.
  • How to build engaging voice experiences across devices
  • How to leverage platforms to reinvent experiences from finding a recipe for dinner to connecting the smart home to building voice capabilities into connected cars.
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Panel: Inter Bot Communication – get ahead of the game

  • Prepare yourself for the next phase of the bot revolution – bot to bot communications
  • Developing bots that can negotiate, transact, compose, cooperate, and compete with each other.
  • Opportunities for bots that enable trust, verification, reputation and payments
  • Explore the directly and indirect effect on the bot ecosystem
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Lunch Break


Keynote: The Rise of the Virtual Assistant

  • What does the advent of digital intelligent assistants mean for businesses and consumers?
  • How are artificial intelligence and machine learning programmes finally starting to appear within everyday consumer products
  • What are the privacy issues surrounding the use of virtual assistants & how do we protect data
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Case Study: Computer Vision – creating better than human vision

  • Discussing how the discovery, mining, analysis and understanding of images are vital to developing the next generation of bots and virtual assistants.
  • Using Computer Vision to solve problems like connecting to your Wi-Fi router by reading the bar codes and numbers on the device, analysing complex medical images and autonomous vehicle control.
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Start up Showcase – Bots & VA

Showcasing technology from some of the world’s hottest AI startups in the Chatbot and Virtual Assistant arena.

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