Day 1 - 17 March 2020


David Savage

Founder / Editor / Host

Tech Talks

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09:30AM - Day 1

View Enterprise AI: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

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Enterprise AI: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

. David Savage, Founder / Editor / Host, Tech Talks


Keynote: Building the AI Powered Organisation

  • What is the business case for deploying AI solutions – avoiding AI for AI ‘s sake
  • Overcoming organisational and cultural barriers
  • How long before you can expect results and what will you do with them?
  • Setting up for success


Peter Jackson

Director, Group Data Sciences

Legal & General

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10:20AM - Day 1

View Panel: The challenge of operationalising AI

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Panel: The challenge of operationalising AI

  • How do you get from lab to business process?
  • Moving from testing phase to the inference stage
  • Embedding AI into core business systems and processes
  • A look at the wider impact on culture behaviour and governance
  • Scaling AI across the Enterprise
. Peter Jackson, Director, Group Data Sciences, Legal & General


Networking Break


Abhijit Akerkar

Head of Applied Sciences, Business Integration

Lloyds Banking Group

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11:30AM - Day 1

View Turning AI into ROI

12:00PM - Day 1

View Panel: Examining AI uses in Banking & Financial Services

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Turning AI into ROI

Over $35bn have been invested into AI by companies around the world in the last year alone. But two in every three of those companies are yet to generate any tangible value. The good news is that value is not elusive. Companies such as Google and Amazon generate over 50% of their profits using AI. How can your company crack the code to conquer those AI riches?

. Abhijit Akerkar, Head of Applied Sciences, Business Integration, Lloyds Banking Group


Principals on AI Ethics, methodologies


Deploying Trustable AI Solutions


Networking Break


Future-proofing your organisation

  • What will the impact of anAI based workforce be on the future of the human workforce?
  • Cultivating a strong employee experience
  • Constructing effective human-machine teams
  • Making sure your organisation is customer led, insights driven and connected


Harnessing the potential of Machine Learning within Enterprise

  • How machine learning is being used in areas such as translation, object and speech recognition
  • Why advanced algorithms and predictive analytics are the most prioritised projects


Networking Break


AI advances in process automation


Joe Prosser

Senior Consultant - Cognitive Development Lead

ISG (Information Services Group)

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Danny Wootton

Interim Head of Data, AI, Automation & Digital

UK Ministry of Defence

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04:30PM - Day 1

View Panel: Anything you can do I can do smarter!

04:30PM - Day 1

View Panel: The Cognitive Enterprise

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Panel: Anything you can do I can do smarter!

  • What does the cognitive enterprise look like?
  • How to streamline operations and reduce costs with robotic process automation (RPA)Supercharging your automation efforts by pairing RPA with ML, speech recognition, and natural language processing?
  • What are the true investment costs and timescales for adoption?
  • Examples and best practices
Moderator: . Joe Prosser, Senior Consultant - Cognitive Development Lead, ISG (Information Services Group)
. Danny Wootton, Interim Head of Data, AI, Automation & Digital, UK Ministry of Defence


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Day 2 - 18 March 2020


Enterprise AI Day 2: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks


Keynote: The future of AI for customer experience

  • Explore how AI is being used to accelerate customer-centric experience design
  • Practical applications to leverage AI
  • How big data and contextual computing is influencing the consumer
  • A look at the next generation of consumer analytics
  • Using computer vision and natural language processing to enhance customer experience


Udai Kiran Chilamkurthi

Principal Architect

Sainsbury's Supermarket

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10:20AM - Day 2

View Panel: AI in retail and ecommerce

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Panel: AI in retail and ecommerce

  • How are retailers using AI? A look at applications for delivery and stock management
  • Using AI to deliver outstanding customer service and customer retention
  • Customer recommendations
. Udai Kiran Chilamkurthi, Principal Architect, Sainsbury's Supermarket


Networking Break


How to Engage in a Voice-Driven World

  • How are brands using voice?
  • Opportunities and challenges that using voice interfaces presents.


Panel: Harnessing the powers of chatbots for business

  • How internal chatbots are improving employee engagement changing the way we work
  • Integrating chatbots into your sales and marketing funnel
  • Using chatbots to drive customer loyalty and increase retention rates
  • Chatbots for  lead generation and personalisation


Networking Break


Afternoon Keynote: Digital Assistants and Their Relationship with the Consumer

  • What does the advent of digital intelligent assistants mean for businesses and consumers?
  • How are artificial intelligence and machine learning programmes being used in everyday consumer products
  • Building consumer trust in AI in areas such as financial planning, education and medical diagnosis
  • What are the privacy issues surrounding the use of intelligent assistants & how do we protect data


AI for marketing and advertising

  • How can marketeers use AI to better target audiences? 
  • Analyzing social media data and gleaning insights from voice and video  
  • AI for content creation 


Errol Koolmeister

Head of AI Technology


Associated Talks:

03:10PM - Day 2

View Algo driven retail

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Algo driven retail

H&M will present how they are working towards becoming an industry leader in Advanced Analytics and AI. Which will give them a competitive advantage through superior customer experience, smart decision making, and efficient processes. They have spent the last few years going from limited and scattered efforts to a centralized department with more than 120 people delivering value on a daily basis with AI. In the talk you will get insights into some of their key learnings and knowledge about how they are working on transforming a company that was founded over 70+ years ago

. Errol Koolmeister, Head of AI Technology, H&M


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