Day 2 - 2 December 2022



Dr Maya Dillon

Associate Director - AI

Cambridge Consultants

Associated Talks:

10:00AM - Day 2

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Transformational AI: Chairpersons Welcome

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks – A vision for AI-driven business growth that delivers the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet.

. Dr Maya Dillon, Associate Director - AI, Cambridge Consultants



Presentation: A Customised Retail Experience – AI Personalisation

With consumer demands for a better and more personalised service now a necessity, here we will look at the capabilities of AI enabled personalisation including:  

  • Improving customer experiences with easy-to-use services and interactions.  
  • Capturing consumers attention through categorisation and ‘personalised’ messaging.  
  • The ability to meet growing demand. 



Keynote Presentation: Leveraging Generative AI

Understanding the world of Generative AI and how this can be used across industries to generate images, text, music and more.  



Presentation: The Evolving World of AI, ML and Deep Learning

  • The impact of deep learning and its evolution into ‘deep reasoning’ for cognitive tasks.  
  • Unsupervised learning, the next frontier for deep learning.  
  • As models become more efficient, AI software will have more free time to innovate.  


Networking Break



Panel: AI, the Current Market and Future Progressions

  • What were the best developments and breakthroughs in AI during 2021. 
  • How are start-ups and enterprises approaching a new and evolved set of challenges?  
  • Where is the future of the industry heading? 



Presentation: Quantum AI, The Next Frontier

  • A closer look at Quantum AI, how is the current market looking?  
  • Evolving algorithms to optimise learning and understanding.  
  • Solving real-world problems by applying real data to better trained ML models. 



Presentation: Edge AI – Enabling Agile Processes

Edge AI is the front runner for manufacturing and process driven industries, but why? This session will cover how Edge AI: 

  • Enables processing algorithms locally for a quick response time.  
  • Allows for ROI to be easily tracked due to the solution being located at the central shop floor phase.   
  • Examples of Edge AI being used across industries for automated decisions and optimised response rates. 



Presentation: Innovation slot 1

10-minute innovation slot  



Presentation: Innovation slot 2

10-minute innovation slot 


Lunch & Networking Break



Presentation: Industry Use-case

To follow soon …  



Presentation: Innovation slot 3

10-minute innovation slot 



Panel: Experiencing the Future – An AI Enabled Digital Universe

  • The metaverse – what these means for disruptive technologies and the role of AI in a new fully digital universe.  
  • AI enabled immersive experiences.  
  • Combining AI and other disruptive technologies to create new services.  
  • Personalisation – how to capitalise on this key feature.  


End of Day

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