Headline: Bonsai launches Early Access Program to help enterprises build and deploy AI models

By: Sophie Weaver

9, May, 2017


Artificial Intelligence -


US-based Bonsai is set to engage enterprises across industries such as robotics, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics and energy to jointly design, build and deploy artificial intelligence (AI) models with the help of its new Bonsai Early Access Program.

The program helps enterprises lacking talent or tools that can combine an organisation’s subject matter expertise with complex machine learning technologies to build application specific AI models. It provides organisations with the technology and resources to more effectively programme and manage intelligence models that increase the automation and operational efficiency of these industrial systems.

Other key benefits offered by the program are on-site training and workshops covering the Bonsai product, joint scoping, design and development of AI models for specified use cases, and consulting and integration services to support successful model development and deployment.

Uwe Ruttkamp, head of business segment machine tools systems at Siemens, one of the first participants in the Early Access Program, said: “Combining Bonsai’s technology with Siemens domain knowledge and the Siemens MindSphere cloud for industry platform makes it possible for our customers to leverage industrial-strength AI technology to drive more value for their business.”

Jim McHugh, vice president and general manager, data centre, NVIDIA, a technology ecosystem partner, said: “Adaptable, programmable and explainable AI models, accelerated by GPU deep learning, helps to significantly expand the reach of AI use cases. The Bonsai Platform and Early Access Program announced today, combined with the NVIDIA Tesla platform, will increase the performance and the adoption of AI in the enterprise.”