ITN Business announces news-style programme ‘AI & Big Data: A Force for Good’

28, November, 2023


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ITN Business is proud to present AI & Big Data: A Force for Good, a news-style programme hosted by Duncan Golestani. The programme will be launched on Friday 1st December 2023 at The AI & Big Data Expo Global at Olympia, London.

Just two months after the large language model-based chatbot ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, it became the fastest-growing consumer software application in history. Artificial Intelligence, up until then a relatively niche area, became headline news. Some said it would destroy humanity, others heralded it as a lifechanging development with the potential to cure a wide range of diseases and aid human development. The reality is that it is somewhere in between and with the right guidance, and with regulation in place AI can be a force for good.

ITN Business’ programme looks at the people and organisations that are at the forefront of this change for good. It features an interview with Professor Mark Girolami, the Chief Scientist at The Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. Andrew Strait and Francine Bennett from the Ada Lovelace Institute are interviewed about the rapid development of AI.

From Canada, Alyssa Škopac, from the Responsible AI Institute talks about the need for the ethical and responsible use of AI. There is also an interview with The Viscount Camrose in his role as Minister for AI and Intellectual Property about how the UK is one of the leading nations when it comes to AI research and implementation.

The programme features sponsored editorial profiles from the following organisations:

  • BSI – the world’s first national standards body explains the role it looks to play in regulating AI as the technology develops.
  • Kickstart AI – a community of data scientists and software engineers in the Netherlands who are using AI for good to help a food bank feed 120,000 people a week.
  • PwC – exploring the many ways in which AI can drive improvements in society, for its clients and the use of AI within PwC’s offices themselves.
  • Springer Nature – filmed at the Frankfurt Book Fair, how the publishing industry can make use of AI, but with a focus on how a human always needs to be in the driving seat.
  • SThree – a specialist in STEM recruitment, SThree is working hard to stay ahead of the curve by addressing the skills gap whilst predicting the impact of AI.
  • Symphony AI – Generative AI and its application in getting rapid results in dealing with and preventing and detecting money laundering.

AI & Big Data: A Force for Good will be launched at The AI & Big Data Expo Global at Olympia, London on 1st December 2023, where there will be a panel discussion featuring participants in the programme as well as a screening of a promotional video of the programme.  The full programme will also be hosted on the ITN Business Hub and the TechEx website and features interviews, news items and sponsored editorial profiles.

A podcast will be launched on the same day also discussing the themes of the programme. It will be hosted by ITN and BBC journalist David Harper and he is joined by tech and science expert Marie-Ann Russon, Ian Simons from the Chartered Insurance Institute and grime and hip-hop artist Tia Talks.

Head of ITN Business, Nina Harrison-Bell said, “The launch of AI & Big Data: A Force for Good comes at an exciting time. The world is waking up to the possibilities that AI and Big Data can bring and the stories that we are telling show that we are on the verge of a very bright future in the UK. This optimism needs to have a hint of caution, but with the right guidance AI can most definitely become a force for good.”

Alex Annett, Senior Producer of AI & Big Data: A Force for Good, said “I am delighted with the range of stories we’ve been able to tell in this programme. We’ve been able to film some real good-news items as well as seeing how skills are being developed for the future and how AI is being implemented into our day-to-day lives. AI is moving at such a pace that who knows what stories we’ll be telling this time next year?”

To view the programme please visit: business.itn.co.uk/ai-and-big-data-a-force-for-good

For further information, please contact Nina.Harrison-Bell@itn.co.uk.


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