Motion AI launches what is claimed to be the first ever chatbot store

19, April, 2017


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Chicago-based Motion AI has introduced what is claimed to be the first-ever chatbot store.

The product, not entirely imaginatively called Bot Store, is a marketplace built on top of Motion AI’s leading visual bot-building platform that offers turn-key templates for many chatbot use cases including customer service, meeting scheduling and surveys.

The store gives companies the opportunity to easily customise and deploy pre-built bots to their business on a variety of high traffic platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Slack, SMS, and the web. Using Bot Store does not require special programming skills as it allows coders to deploy Node.js code directly from the Motion AI interface – making integrating bots with third party APIs, databases and services simple.

Upon its launch, the Store will initially feature bots developed by Motion AI and its user base, including a customer service assistance bot which allows companies of all sizes to take advantage of bots that help offload customer enquiries, survey bots, as well as a personal meeting scheduler, powered by Calend.ly.

More bots will be added on a regular basis and developers will have the opportunity to be positioned prominently in the store, Motion AI added. This will simplify bot deployment even further than the company’s existing platform, by creating a templating system around common chatbot use cases.

Motion AI has already processed over 12 million messages and continues to see exponential growth, the company added.