On-Demand Session Recordings

A selection of recordings from the North America 2023 event are now available to watch on-demand through the TechHub & Content Library! Get front-row access anytime, anywhere: access a selection of recordings from the live sessions at TechEx Events in Santa Clara, Amsterdam and London. Plus on-demand webinars from our sister company, TechForge Media.

Building a Fun-sized MLOps Stack from Scratch

  • Mikiko Bazeley is Head of MLOps at Featureform, a Virtual Feature Store.
  • She’s worked as an engineer, data scientist, and data analyst for companies like Mailchimp (Intuit), Teladoc, Sunrun, Autodesk as well as a handful of early-stage startups.
  • Mikiko leverages her knowledge and experiences as a practitioner, mentor, and strategist to contribute MLOps & production ML content through LinkedIn, Youtube, & Substack, as well as partnering with companies in the ML ecosystem like Nvidia.
  • Her main goals are to help: data scientists deploy better models faster; ML platform engineers develop robust & scalable ML systems & stacks without breaking the bank; & bring delight back into building ML products.
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AI-driven Insights: The most disruptive force ever to meet the worlds of Data & Business

AI-driven insights has the potential to transform every industry and it’s time for everyone – not just Data Scientists – to take advantage of this game-changing force. From optimizing supply chains to improving customer experiences and more, the session discusses the strategic potential of AI and how an AI-first mindset to data analytics can enable deeper insights faster than ever before.

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Predictive AI – Turn Your Data Into A Competitive Edge

  • The world of data is rapidly changing, and using predictive AI across your organization is essential to staying ahead of the curve.
  • In this revolution, your data is your competitive edge, and now is the time to take advantage of it by using AI to leapfrog the competition.
  • Discover how AI can empower anyone to prepare, explore, and build ML models with their data – increasing productivity and informed decision making.
  • Using employee attrition as a demo, we will showcase how predictive AI can be used to predict and prevent employee turnover, saving your organization time and money while improving employee satisfaction.
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Ethical, Responsible & Governance – Scaling AI Safely

  • Sophisticated decision making through AI, how to eliminate the bias.
  • Learning from past mistakes – discussing the different approaches and concerns industries need to consider when tackling issues like privacy, surveillance and discrimination.
  • The role of responsible AI in aiding the ethical AI journey.
  • The need for governance and regulation as industry standards – where we are vs where we need to be and the laws around AI.

Moderator: Karen Silverman, CEO and Founder, The Cantellus Group
Peter Hallinan, Leader, Responsible AI, AWS
Jeong-Suh Choi, CEO, Bobidi
Bassam Zarkout, Chair of the Digital Transformation Working Group, Industry IoT Consortium
Ash Tutika, Head of Operations/ Chief of Staff, Ethical AI Governance Group (EAIGG)/ Arena.im
Rahul Singhal, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Innodata

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