Stand No: 20

Brave is an Internet company on a mission to build a human-first Web. Starting with its private browser and independent search engine, Brave blocks ads and trackers, cookies…and those annoying cookie-consent pop-ups. It makes the Web faster and less cluttered, and brings easy access to AI experiences with its Leo browser assistant, Search summarizer, and more.

Brave Search is the only global-scale, western search engine outside of Google and Bing. With an index of 23+ billion quality pages (no SEO spam!) and 25 million queries per day, Brave Search is the fastest-growing independent search engine since Bing.

Best of all, Brave Search is now available to power any search applications and train AI models. The Brave Search API opens this huge index of high-quality data to developers, founders, and more. Any user can get started for free, and paid plans start as little as $0.50 CPM.

More than 63 million people use Brave, and thousands more download every day. Co-founded by internet pioneer Brendan Eich (creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla), and Brian Bondy (formerly of Khan Academy and Mozilla).

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