ChartFactor is a new approach to building dashboards and embedded analytics with both exploration and exploitation capabilities. 


The approach can be described in 3 areas:

  1. a) ChartFactor doesn’t dictate the technology you run on. The deliverable is just a zip file that you can deploy with any web server technology flavor (e.g. apache web server, python http server, nginx, etc.). With this BYOWT (Bring Your Own Web Tech), it gives you the freedom of technology selection in terms of what to host and where to host it (completely cloud agnostic).
    b) The architecture is really simple with web browser or device connecting to web server (hosting Chartfactor’s javascript files) and potentially your data sources. This helps not only minimize failure points, but also optimize performance due to its streamlined architecture.
    c) ChartFactor provides code transparency to allow advanced users to use its analytics language (based on existing sample code and documentation) to do complex calculations, visualization settings, etc. to get the most value and insights from their data.

In addition to these 3 areas of differentiation, the simplicity and the smooth user experience of the product allows users to quickly visualize data in minutes. This can be easily seen in the user-experience-first design of the product.

Founded in 2016, Aktiun Inc. is the creator of ChartFactor.