Stand No: 3

Liberty Source PBC is a U.S.-based provider of technology-enabled human-in-the-loop data services that help companies realize maximum value from their Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Intelligence investments. Through its flagship DataInFormation brand, the company provides image annotation, data labeling, computer vision calibration, NLP validation, training data curation, prompt engineering, model monitoring / data lineage evaluations, and related data optimization services.

100% of facilities, operations and workforce are US-based to provide the highest level of information security; to minimize time zone issues; and to eliminate challenges arising from different cultural interpretations of data. 80+% of the staff are veterans or members of military families.

Liberty Source has deep domain expertise in a wide range of industry verticals. Extensive capabilities and a nimble culture are key differentiators that enable the company to fulfil even the most rigorous client requirements.