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Kauel is a leading outcome based AI company specialized in vision algorithms, software and hardware used in image recognition and processing.


Our web and mobile solutions together with our closed-loop feedback systems allows us to develop specific solutions for the needs of each industry wich combined with our AI capabilities provide a powerful tool to improve efficiency and effectiveness in operations.


Using advance machine learning, deep learning and deep quality learning, our solutions deliver automated relevant real-time information for decision makers through the processing of our client’s data streams.


We have trained our computers with thousands of images to recognize multiple elements and conditions which combined with parameters set by the client allows us to be a key partner in preventing hazards, identifying quality status of products, processes and behaviors.


Website: Kauel USA
Linked-In: Kauel Company Profile
Facebook: Company Page

Contact our team:
Edmundo Casas – KAUEL: [email protected]
Dunetchka Cerpa – Industries Account Manager: [email protected]

Marcelo Vega – US Head Business Development: [email protected]

Natalia Cuevas – US Creative Solution Manager: [email protected]

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