LARUS Business Automation

Headquartered in Venice and with offices in Milan, Pescara and Rome, in LARUS we help companies all over the world by designing big data-driven platforms, based on the most innovative open-source technologies, thanks to a solid experience gained in different areas: governance, insurance, finance, industry, commercial and telco. We help our clients to build custom data solutions in order to optimize their decision-making process, boost profits and stay competitive.
As Neo4j Premier Solution Partner among the world’s best, our certified professionals have been helping universities, institutions and companies to succeed with the world’s leading graph database since a decade. Additional important partnerships have also been signed with Fujitsu Laboratories of America , Couchbase, Confluent, Linkurious, RIOS and over the years.
Our R&D department works with different universities on different topics: from graph data-visualization to graph algorithms and machine learning in order to validate their applications to customer use cases. Furthermore, based in Pescara, LARUS Labs works closely with Neo4j and is contributing to the development of the Neo4j Platform. This branch has developed official components such as the Neo4j JDBC driver, the neo4j-kafka connector (neo4j-streams), the neo4j-spark connector and more, while also maintaining the APOC library and the ETL components.
On November 2020 LARUS launched GALILEO XAI, a graph based platform for explainable AI, based on graphs that can be quickly integrated with existing solutions and dedicated to the business intelligence teams and decision makers who want to extract new knowledge from their dark data.