Stand No: 83

The Data revolution is not about having large amounts of data anymore, and even not having great applications that can produce value from data. The data revolution is about the ability of companies to process large amounts of ever-changing data at a speed that is faster than the competition.

The sad reality is that companies are struggling to keep pace – data teams are flooded with tasks, focused on the urgent ones, and not reaching the important ones. The result – huge amounts of great business potential is “spilled on the floor”. Data engineering teams are heroes needed to be saved from becoming the bottleneck of data prosperity.
Metrolink releases that bottleneck by giving data teams a platform that skyrockets productivity so that the overall data processing cycle is much faster and more efficient.

Metrolink isn’t just another ETL tool. The idea behind MetroLink is to give data teams a solution that allows them to address both the shortage of data engineers by bringing more data experts to the team, and the length of the data-to-value cycle by empowering the use of no-code interfaces. This no-code approach, together with the advantages of a scalable high-performance backend that can cope with data complexity, brings a unique combination of performance, speed, and cost.