Stand No: 5

StoryFile is making artificial intelligence more human. The patent-protected technology StoryFile developed powers both the Conversa platform and a consumer version for at-home use, StoryFile Life. Conversational video allows users of all kinds to make deeper human connections whether it be for family history, commerce, customer service, education, or any collective human knowledge that needs to be shared.

Conversa is the only SaaS solution that allows anyone to create and publish their own interactive conversational video content, and create the FAQ, the leave-behind, the chatbot, the explainer video, and more. Conversational video is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals alike, creating an opportunity to engage and connect, bringing stories to life. With StoryFile’s technology, you can ask an astronaut about space, talk to the founder of a company, experience HR training in a new way, preserve a loved one’s life-story, learn about historical events, and more.

StoryFile brings to global audiences an interactive ecosystem that records and preserves human conversations in a way that removes the traditional boundaries of time and space. StoryFile connects the past to the present, so that we can cherish humanity, for generations to come.

With videos that talk back, StoryFile is revolutionizing the storytelling and communication industries. Wherever there is a question to be asked, there’s a use case for StoryFile. To learn more about StoryFile’s products, services, and technology, visit our website.