Stand No: 166

Teksouth draws on 30+ years of experience in merging unrelated data. We apply proven methods to provide actionable insights to meet client’s changing needs.


Actionable insights require services that are fast, agile, flexible, and innovative. Through purpose-built solutions, Teksouth takes its customers on a journey toward succeeding is a world of data overload with our core technology, EntelliFusion. Using the latest technology stacks, EntelliFusion is a true turn-key, end-to-end decision support platform ready for the cloud or on-prem. This centralized data repository for agile enterprise wide data source integration is designed to scale out and scale infinitely.


EntelliFusion has been utilized in the Department of Defense for nearly 20 years for business intelligence application development, advanced analytics and workflow automation. It is the foundation that our clients use for the utilization of technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is the workhorse to drive these technologies and makes our clients future ready. Now available commercially, EntelliFusion powers Teksouth’s cloud based Business Intelligence as a Service model to take care of it all: hosting, maintaining, supporting and continuously developing as needed, for our clients’ digital transformation and future readiness.