Executive Director, AI and ML Platform at LinkedIn | Ex IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO and Executive Director, Watson AI and Data Open Tech | LFAI Trusted AI NA Chair | Founder at Kubeflow

Current Executive Director, AI and ML Platform at LinkedIn. Past IBM Watson AI and Data Open Tech CTO, Executive Director and Distinguished Engineer, with 20+ years experience in Software industry, and 17 years in AI, Data and Cloud Platform. Have experience in product development and product management, technical leadership and people management. Led globally dispersed teams, managed globally distributed projects, and served as a trusted adviser to Fortune 500 firms. Played a leadership role in creating, designing and implementing IBM’s Data and AI engine for AI and ML platform, led IBM`s Trusted AI efforts, drove the strategy and execution for Kubeflow, OpenDataHub and execution in products like IBM Cloud Private for Data, Watson OpenScale and Watson Machines Learning. In the past, led IBM Developer launch, launched initiatives around Kubernetes and Istio, IBM Bluemix Local launch and worked with associated customers


• Leading and collaborating with teams spread across US, China, France, Germany, India, Italy and Japan.
• An excellent team builder, motivator, execution lead and implementer. Have demonstrated leadership driving business-enhancing change initiatives with AI and Cloud Computing Solutions


• Global speaker, invited to speak at conferences worldwide on IBM strategy and technology. Have spoken in conferences in U.S.A, Canada, France, Japan, Germany, Spain etc.
• Talks at the conferences have garnered more than 200K+ viewers


• 15 filed Patents
• 10 granted