Executive Director, AI and ML Platform at LinkedIn | Ex IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO and Executive Director, Watson AI and Data Open Tech | Founder at Kubeflow | Ex LFAI Trusted AI NA Chair

Leading the next generation AI and ML Platform at LinkedIn enabling creation of AI Models with billions of parameters, serving the needs 800+ Million members.  Building Distributed Training Platform, Machine Learning Pipelines, Feature Platforms and Pipelines etc. Past IBM Watson AI and Data Open Tech CTO, Executive Director and Distinguished Engineer, with 20+ years experience in Software industry, and 17 years in AI, Data and Cloud Platform. Led globally dispersed teams, managed globally distributed projects, and served as a trusted adviser to Fortune 500 firms. Played a leadership role in creating, designing and implementing Data and AI engines for AI and ML platforms, led Trusted AI efforts, drove the strategy and execution for Kubeflow, OpenDataHub and execution in products like Watson OpenScale and Watson Machines Learning.