Over the last 20 years, Ankor Rai has led the growth of valuable data/analytics/AI businesses developing high-impact solutions for Fortune 500 banking, insurance, healthcare and retail, entertainment and media clients within North America, UK and Asia.

As Chief Digital Officer of EXL, Ankor’s responsibilities include deepening EXL’s data-driven capabilities, helping clients move to the artificial intelligence operation system (AI:OS). In the AI:OS, data-driven AI analytics and cloud technologies are operationalized in a redesigned operating model to create the trifecta impact of enhanced experience, outcomes and efficiency with speed as a foundational goal.

In his prior role, Ankor grew EXL’s analytics business from a niche double-digit revenue analytics practice into a $350M+ full-stack analytics powerhouse that is independently reported to Wall Street. Leveraging its differentiated market position of an “enterprise execution partner with a data/analytics core,” EXL Analytics delivered 24 quarters of continuous revenue growth. Along the way, Ankor led several strategic pivots including the expansion of data/analytics capabilities through organic investment and acquisitions and integration of various domain and technical capabilities to move from services toward solutions. EXL Analytics has been recognized by various industry analysts including Gartner, IDC and HFS.