Bill Heffelfinger is EXL Digital’s CTO and VP of Cloud Engineering.  He has roughly 30 years working in technology.  He likes to describe his career in tech as 50% IT and 50% high-tech.  The first 50% of his career was focused on data, ERP, and data center operations as a DBA, Developer, and leader for teams covering those disciplines followed by a stint as a leader responsible for operations of a large portion of a Fortune 250 company’s data center.  The high-tech portion of his career includes building and leading high performance teams in the data storage realm working for companies like NetApp and Nimble Storage – and Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.  He also spent a few years in the AI startup space prior to joining EXL Service. Bill has been working with Cloud technologies since he first heard the term “Cloud” mentioned to him on a flight home from a business trip in 2009.  Over the years, Bill has spent a lot of time helping the C-suite as well as technology practitioners understand Cloud, how it can be leveraged to their benefit, and what workloads are ideal for Cloud as it has continued to evolve throughout the years.

In his role at EXL Service, Bill is building a team and Cloud-native approach to building and delivering EXL Digital solutions that are AI and Analytics centric.  While EXL Service has a very strong Cloud practice today, Bill’s team is helping to drive co-innovation with clients and partners via a dedicated Cloud Center of Excellence that includes a cutting-edge Cloud environment in which we can experiment, learn, fail-fast, and advance successful concepts to become full-fledge solution offerings.

On the personal front, Bill is a Pennsylvania, USA native that relocated to North Carolina, USA in 1990.  He loves living and working in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina as this locale enables a lot of innovation in tech – which he not only enjoys as a profession, but also as a hobby.  He has been married to his amazing wife, Cristi, for 31 years, has 2 cats, and sponsors the financial aspects of rescued exotic cats like leopards, lions, tigers, and Geoffrey cats.  Bill has traveled the world and truly enjoys meeting new people, learning about their cultures and languages, and especially enjoys sampling food in new places he visits.