Dasha Shunina is the Founder of Women Tech Meetup, a regular monthly event held in San Francisco, Miami, and NYC, bringing together female professionals in technology entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture capital. Her meetup series spans different cities in the USA, gathering over 150 individuals per event and co-hosted in partnership with leading players in the tech ecosystem such as Microsoft, Google, Brex, Puzzle, Gusto, Techstars, SVB, Codi, Mindspace, and others.

Dasha is a Venture Capital Contributor to Forbes, covering the latest trends in the venture capital world and major tech conferences. She is also a Leadership Network Contributor to Grit Daily News, the premier startup news hub. Additionally, Dasha serves as the Event Director of Women in Tech USA, a global non-profit organization with a mission to empower women in the tech industry.

Dasha is a Top Entrepreneurship Voice on LinkedIn. She hosts her Podcast Show – Talks with Dasha, where she delves into tech news, startups, innovation, and venture capital. She is in high demand as a speaker, appearing at leading tech conferences such as Websummit, SXSW, Data Science & AI, WDMF (World Digital Marketing Forum), BIAT, SWITCH, SET Week, eMerge Americas. Dasha has been featured in Forbes, Euronews, Inc., Grit Daily, Link to Leaders, and The Business Times.

She also leverages her extensive network and expertise to mentor founders, scout promising startups, and drive business development. Dasha is passionate about building communities that empower visionary leaders to solve global challenges.