David is a dynamic leader in engineering and data science, boasting a track record of success across multiple high-profile ventures. He spearheaded multimillion-dollar skunkworks projects at Electronic Arts, served as VP of Engineering at Hothead Games overseeing all engineering efforts, and currently excels as a Senior Engineering Manager at Klue, leading an AI team.

Additionally, David co-founded Empirical Results, a pioneering company specializing in ML SaaS platforms for enhancing in-app experiences. Its acquisition by Hothead Games in 2019 underscored his entrepreneurial acumen.

David holds an M.Sc. in Machine Learning from UBC, mentored by the esteemed Nando de Freitas. His academic accolades include the prestigious NSERC PGS-M grant and participation in the renowned 2012 IPAM Graduate Summer School at UCLA. He is also celebrated for co-authoring ‘Bayesian Optimization in High Dimensions via Random Embeddings,’ recipient of the esteemed 2013 IJCAI Distinguished Paper Award.