With a Ph.D. in math and computer science from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Eitan held a visiting research associate position at the Division of Applied Math at Brown University. This was followed by an MSRI postdoc fellowship, and visiting appointments at UC Berkeley (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) and UCLA (Statistics). Lastly, Eitan held a senior lecturer position at the Technion’s Electrical Engineering Department (’05-’07; inactive, leave of absence).


Eitan moved on to serve as cofounder & CTO at Videosurf (acquired by XBOX/MSFT). There he led the team that built a computer vision and machine learning visual-audio-analysis platform for the search, recommendation and discovery of all online videos, live TV and mobile interactive products. After acquisition, Eitan was Principal Development Manager at XBOX/MSFT, where he led the development of the video stream analysis for Xbox One. He then proceeded to found mode.ai.


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