Dr. Ganapathy Krishnan is currently Vice President, Engineering of the US R&D Centre for Flipkart, India’s eCommerce market leader.

Prior to Flipkart, Dr. Krishnan spent several years working on Bing Search at Microsoft. He led teams to improve Bing Local Search quality and also launched the Bing Business Bot for Microsoft.

He then joined Amazon where he led a team of data and research scientists to help Amazon gain insights on its worldwide operations workforce. His team worked on novel approaches to reduce hourly worker attrition and improve the quality of life in Amazon’s warehouses.

He also built a data team at Sweetgreen, one of the hottest startups in the fast casual food industry.

Earlier in his career, he was CTO at multiple startup companies, several of which he founded and also an associate professor of Computer Science.

In his career, he has published multiple papers on neural networks, Computer Vision and has two patents in eCommerce.

His current interests are in Conversational Commerce and Deep Learning for Natural language understanding and Computer Vision.