Henry is currently the CTO at DiagnosisAI, Inc, a Medical Artificial Intelligence startup focused on using the latest technologies to better educate the public about their health.

After graduating from the University of California, San Diego, and completing medical school, Henry focused on technology within the medical space. While not involved in clinical practice, Henry contributes to the field as a medical researcher where he has engineered medical prototypes and developed machine learning models for various published research projects and labs. Over time, Henry’s passion  has  evolved beyond the medical space.

Henry has worked on several startups, including one of the first ever telemedicine websites and Backyard Medic, a project that distributed thousands of first-aid how-to packets in Africa with the Peace Corps. He currently consults with startups on the practical uses of machine learning and blockchain technologies. In his free time, Henry enjoys climbing, backpacking, and traveling.

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