Kevin Collins is Founder and CEO of Charli AI, a leading Intelligent Content Services Platform provider that is driving the transformation of human decision-making. Its suite of products helps businesses accelerate growth, dramatically reduce costs, streamline operations, and enable employees to focus on high value activities that have real and recognizable impacts on the business.


Kevin has more than 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge in artificial intelligence and machine learning, both as an entrepreneur and a corporate executive. At Charli AI, he oversees a team of expert scientists that are pushing the boundaries of innovation in the AI-driven intelligent content management space.

Before founding Charli AI, Kevin was CEO and Co-Founder at Bit Stew Systems, a data intelligence platform, which was acquired by GE Digital for its AI and ML capabilities in 2016. Prior to his time in Silicon Valley, Kevin worked in the high-tech networking and security field, and led technology firms specializing in cryptography, public key infrastructures and high-performance and scalable networks. As a serial entrepreneur, Kevin is passionate about sharing his expertise in building and growing successful startups.

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