Mohan Reddy is the CTO of The Hive in Palo Alto and is also Associate Director of Technology at Stanford Performance vision center. At The Hive, Mohan plays the role of founding CTO for all portfolio companies helping them drive the technical side of the things helping them grow from a concept to a product. He co-founded and advises many companies and for over 25 years Mohan has worked at multiple companies including IBM, Schlumberger, Travelocity and Zynga where he architected and built platforms to scale to millions of users. He is a hands-on engineer and specializes in operationalizing Machine Learning / Deep Learning and building Scalable systems, AI and Robotics. At Stanford he is working on Behavioral AI and Vision Perception.

Mohan has a bachelor’s degree in Bio-Medical Engineering, master’s in electrical engineering and MBA with specialization in computational finance.